Katarina Hybenova


Katarina Hybenova is a Los Angeles based writer, photographer, journalist, and content strategist. 


I was born and raised in Slovakia, went to law school (believe it or not) at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; Katholieke Universitat in Leuven, Belgium, and Fordham University in New York. 

My creative adventure began when I moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2010. I created a neighborhood website, Bushwick Daily, and started to write and photograph with a ferocious passion. I developed the content strategy and attracted an audience of 200k monthly in the neighborhood of 80k residents. Over the years I have trained and edited hundreds of writers, photographers, and videographers. 

Bushwick Daily won an IPPIES award for photography and was shortlisted a million times for the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards. I was also shortlisted for the best writer at the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards as well. Spike Lee picked me for his panel of the New Americana influencers (which as an immigrant I find endearing :)

In 2014 I was a fellow (on a full scholarship from the Knight Foundation) at Tow Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. 

I sold Bushwick Daily in February of 2018 to Alec Meeker to pursue new projects.

Currently, I enjoy writing a weekly newsletter, Mad Cool Books, which recommends one stellar novel a week with a special focus on female, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and POC writers. 

Would you like to commission my work? Would you like to chat about content for your website or newsletter? Get in touch!


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